This site is maintained by Anna Summersett and Benson Varghese. We are attorneys, public servants, and partners in a website and print media design company called Plan A & B Advisors, LLC. Some of our clients include solo practitioners, law firms, community interest groups, and judicial candidates.  In helping a few candidates with their web designs, we realized there is not a single web space where Tarrant County citizens can become informed on who is running in local elections and stay informed on upcoming events, or read promotional materials sent by candidates.  
It seemed natural to take our community service background and combine it with our web design know how and create a free space for this community to become acquainted with all local candidates without partisan opinion, political agenda, or negative campaigning.

After speaking with several students around the courthouse, we realized so few young people are informed, much less involved, in local politics.  The idea for the forums was born.  Due to venue and time constraints we were limited to ten candidates at our initial forum. As such, the idea is to have three separate forums where judicial candidates have the chance to speak and meet with interested students. This way, every judicial candidate (there are close to thirty), would have the opportunity to speak and students at each campus would have the opportunity to learn.

Become Informed. Stay informed.