Tarrant County Candidate Fair

Thousands of VOTERS, discuss issues and then see the voters choices in the Straw Poll! This is Grassroots pure and simple!

The 2010 & 2012 Candidate Fairs were great successes with over 3,000 voters attending each event. In 2010, the Texas Conservatives Unite, PAC was able to publish the results of the straw poll by mail to over 55,000 households in Tarrant County! The upcoming March 4th primary is where the Conservative candidates are decided and we will be mailing the 2014 winner list to over 55,000 Tarrant County Voters.

Let those who seek office demonstrate why the people, the voters, should place faith in them. Candidates will meet and directly speak to the people they want to represent!

All Candidate from Justice of the Peace to the Governor’s race will be sent an invitation by email to attend.  If you are a candidate & have not received an email, please go to the contact page to submit your contact information.  Texas Conservatives Unite is a Texas State PAC, therefore no candidates for Federal Office will be allowed to participate.

10:00am-4:30pm Event Registration
10:00am-5:00pm Meet the Candidates
11:00am-5:00pm Straw Poll Voting
5:15pm Straw Poll Winners Announced

Training Classes will be held throughout the day
Training Schedule will be updated as we lock down classes
​Schedule Subject to Change 

Credit: http://www.candidatefair.com/